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Download the original Saladin 2 game for the computer from Mediafire

Download the original Saladin 2 game for the computer from Mediafire
Download the original Saladin 2 game for the computer from Mediafire

Download the game Saladin 2 for the computer from Mediafire in a size of 425 MB. Fight strategic battles as a brutal Crusader knight or as a fighter for Arab freedom. Gather hundreds of soldiers and equipment in preparation for the inevitable powerful wars against real players over the Internet or against artificial intelligence after downloading the game Stronghold Crusader 2 for the computer. Which is one of the best strategic war games ever.

In continuation of the success achieved by the Stronghold Crusader series in its first release, the developer Firefly Studios released the second part, which we are currently preparing, in September 2014 on the Microsoft Windows system in a completely new guise, as it received improvements in graphics and wonderful audio and visual effects that made it more realistic than before. Thanks to the new 3D graphics.

Download the Bully computer game from Media Fire in a small size

New characters:
You can choose between a group of historical leaders, including Richard the Lionheart, Saladin, the Wolf, the Rat, and the Caliph. This edition also witnessed the appearance of three new characters: the Sultana, the King of Slaves, and finally the Sheep, the ruler of the Persian Kingdom. Each character has its own appearance that distinguishes it from other characters.

Enjoy downloading the game Stronghold Crusader 2 with up to 25 unique types of units, namely infantry soldiers, archers, horse riders, knights, spearmen, and other units. Each of them can perform special tasks that distinguish them from others, such as archers, or rather the long arm of the army, as they can Hit enemies from a distance without getting close to them.

Soldiers can be purchased from the soldiers’ tent, and each soldier has his own price. Some soldiers also require the availability of many items in addition to money in order to purchase them, which makes the player required to establish weapons manufacturing workshops in addition to providing the necessary iron, which can be obtained from the surrounding environment or purchased. From the store, you can learn more after downloading the game Saladin 2 from Media Fire.

Dynamic events:
Enemy armies are no longer the only source of danger to the player. Rather, the matter has developed much further than that, as nature itself has become a great danger to players, due to hurricanes that can strike your castle and destroy almost everything, in addition to the swarms of locusts that devour everything. Something is in its way.

More about downloading Stronghold Crusader 2:-

Multiple confrontations:
Bring battles with up to 8 players via the Internet after downloading the original Salahuddin 2 game, in addition to the formation of a team of friends to confront other people or face artificial intelligence, which creates an exciting and enthusiastic competitive atmosphere to the maximum degree as possible, and you can exchange Resources, soldiers and money with friends.

You can rely on the surrounding environment to collect the necessary resources to build the castle and the weapons industry and provide food to the soldiers, knowing that the game takes place in the Arab region, which is the desert of the scarcity of resources, which made everyone struggle over the available resources, which of course imposes on you the resources securing from an attack Enemies.

The player must appoint a group of soldiers to cut the trees in order to obtain wood, and the quarries can also be built to obtain stones, in addition to building farms that produce tomatoes, rice and wheat that can be transferred to bread by building the air mill and some ovens, all of this and only more After completing the download of Salahuddin 2 game for the computer from Media Fire.

the shop :
The store or the market allows you to express the resources of iron, wood, gold, oil and food or selling them if you exceed the need in exchange for more money necessary to buy soldiers and equipment, and other important things that need a lot of money, it is worth noting that the player Initially, after downloading the Stronghold Crusader 2 game, it gets a little money and with continuous work and the number of cash is increased.

Castle building:
Show your skill in designing and building your fortified castle, taking into account several important things, which is that your castle is able to withstand any attack, because by erecting traps and building protection towers, and so on, especially since the castle is the last wall that turns between you and between you The attacking forces.

The most important positives of downloading Salah El Din 2 game for computer:-

  • Multiple confrontations with what leads to 8 players online.
  • New characters have been added while keeping old characters.
  • The first appearance of dynamic events such as locusts and hurricanes.
  • High -performance advanced graphics and high -precision 3D fees.
  • Many of the very wonderful and enthusiastic new game patterns.

Pictures from within the Salahuddin 2 game

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