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Download the original Tecken 3 game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the original Tecken 3 game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the original Tecken 3 game for the computer from Media Fire

Game of Tech 3 for the computer from Media Fire and open all characters, you can now download the Tekken 3 PlayStation 1 game and enjoy the battles of martial arts but this time on the personal computer, you may be aware of this version from the reality of a previous experience on the PlayStation 1, prepare the atmosphere of the battles That you have always been going through or learn about this exciting atmosphere, if this is your first experience with Teacken games.

The Tech 3 game was classified as one of the most famous PlayStation 1 games and to achieve revenues, by hundreds of millions of players around the world, which was characterized by unprecedented realistic degree during its appearance, and the fighting methods were still unique despite their limitations and the development of games at the present time

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Information about downloading the Tight 3 game for the computer:

Wrestlemen list:
The list here includes about 20 wrestlers of different strains, some of them are human strains and others are eccentric or from imagination, some wrestlers wear face masks covering the entire face, while others appear with the features of their real faces, not only the group of combat figures is limited to men, but extends Until approximately 4 girls include great combat capabilities, discover more with a computer 3 game download.

Each wrestler of these wears his own clothes, the differences between them in terms of appearance are many in the game of Tikin 3, including skin color, the haircut and the like, when entering the wrestling circuit, each hero offers a short show in which he reviews some of his combat movements, it is mentioned that all of them enjoy the same level From defensive hardness.

Offensive and defensive methods:
The fundamental differences between wrestlers after downloading the game of 3 PlayStation 1 are the quality of punches and kicks for each wrestler separately, you notice a diversity and a great difference in the way to carry out these strikes between these fighters, which puts a huge number of movements and styles unusual in games Old wrestling and fighting, use the defense feature to repel the competitor’s strikes and avoid losing your energy.

More about downloading Tekken 3 game for computer:

Real combat arenas:
The battles revolve between the players on board several different fields, the area permitted in the movement is limited to ensure that the warriors are approaching each other without leaving a room to escape or something like this, areas of picturesque nature such as the green forest in addition to the dry desert and beaches, other tracks in camps and buildings Closed.

Once you download the Tech 3 game for the computer, you can play with a real player via your computer, with the ability to control handcuffs such as PlayStation 1, or instead to take challenges in facing artificial intelligence, the battle continues for a specific period of time.

The fighting may end in the game of Tech 3 PlayStation 1 on the computer before the time ends, specifically when one of the parties to the match can exhaust the entire power of the other party, choose the wrestler or the fighter you want to control and then choose the competitor who takes control of the robot, and then Select the circuit and finally the number of battle rounds.

Cup style:
The championship status allows you to join in multiple qualifiers during which you will play a large group of battles in Techn games until you reach the closing stage, the more you advance in the roles, you notice the high degree of difficulty of matches with the high strength of competitors, choose 3 wrestlers to switch between them during the championship matches.

Pros for downloading the Tight 3 game for the computer:

  • All characters are available for selection from the first sight.
  • Binary play between two players across one device.
  • Wonderful diversity in the designs of the fighting.

Pictures from inside the Tecken 3 game


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