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Download the original WWE 2K14 game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the original WWE 2K14 game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the original WWE 2K14 game for the computer from Media Fire

Download WWE 2K14 game for Media Fire 1.40 GB, we offer you the WWK 14 game that contains the largest list of wrestlers ever, as it includes up to 120 wrestlers, including dozens of old wrestlers who still even Today, one of the best wrestlers like the wrestling legend Hulk Hogan.

Yuke developed this ‘WWE 2K14’ game in 2014, and it achieved a surprising great success on various operating systems, as it appeared in a completely new dress and with more realistic than ever, this developers have decided to evoke the atmosphere of old classic matches in this version, which is the matter Who admired the players.

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Information about downloading WWE 2K14 game for computer:-

Wrestlemen list:
In a precedent is the first of its kind in this version WWK 14, a large number of current wrestlers were embodied in addition to a large number of free wrestling legends, where the game takes you until three decades ago, the time when professional wrestling has spread Globally, it became one of the most famous sports.

Many play features have been updated, which allowed more flow in the movement of wrestlers in addition to a very great realism that the player will feel after downloading the WWE 2K14 game for the computer, especially since all the characters were embodied so that they are similar to their counterpart, including combat movements, facial features and a lot of Other important things are so much.

Playing arenas:
There are many wonderful playgrounds in the WWK 14, but the distinctive thing in this version is the availability of old stadiums that are created to give the players the atmosphere of old classic matches, so that the clothes of the fans and the way the wrestler enters the ring and so things were quoted from the old matches, as There are definitely a large number of modern stadiums.

Multiple players matches:
End your friends in multiple players online or on the same device after downloading the WWE 2K14 game from Media Fire, where there are many competitive playing modes that allow you to face others, how much you can also participate in a championship or create a special championship with several different systems and involve a lot. From friends or random people.

Play modes in the WWK 14 game:-

Story mode:
The player competes in approximately 45 basic games in the story, with the possibility of switching between several pre -defined characters, as the player must before the start of the story to determine a certain number of wrestlers to choose from Benham before every new match played by the player, and of course you have to choose a variety of wrestlers To be ready for all confrontations.

In this situation, the player will have different goals in each match, and you must win every match that you play so that you can reach the next match, and it is certainly not easy. Others, which requires great flexibility on the part of the player after completing the WWE 2K14 game download for the computer.

Cage mode:
The goal of setting the story is completely different from the goal in traditional matches, where you have to drop the opponent to the ground and try to get out of the cage to win the match, but the opponent will also try to do this, which is not easy for both parties, especially since leaving the cage takes a lot of time, It gives the opportunity to disable the player.

Group play mode:
This situation is involved in 6 wrestlers divided into two teams, and the players alternate the fighting inside the wrestling circuit, which creates a wonderful cooperative atmosphere, but it can extend to all the wrestlers to enter the ring and fight each other at the same time, and although this is illegal but It is allowed by the WWK 14 game to ignite the competition.

The most important positives download WWE 2K14 game for the computer:-

  • Participate in multi -goal -style matches.
  • A large list of wrestlers including game legends.
  • Modern and other wrestling tracks bearing the classic character.
  • Friends faced multiple players online.
  • A great flower in the movement of players while performing the combat movements.

Pictures from inside the game

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