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Download The PROSIPECTOR ODYSSEY for the computer from Media Fire

Download The PROSIPECTOR ODYSSEY for the computer from Media Fire
Download The PROSIPECTOR ODYSSEY for the computer from Media Fire

Download the PROSIPECTOR ODYSSEY game for the computer, it is a two -dimensional video game that includes a huge amount of adventure and interesting challenges in playing environments that combine modern and classic designs in a great mixture, the game is one of the puzzle solution games, space exploration, strategies and plans to achieve different goals at levels, so you are Without a doubt, you will need to use your intelligence to overcome the various obstacles that will face you along the way.

The game is characterized by simple two -dimensional drawings and details that combine the character of realism and imagination, but most different designs in the game, whether for playing environments or characters, look three -dimensional but are designed with two -dimensional techniques and it is an exciting game rich in adventures that are easy so that it is very suitable for adventure and challenges lovers And mystery solution.

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Information about the download of the PROSIPECTOR ODYSSEY for the computer:-

Nature of tasks:
A set of exciting tasks and adventures in the game will face those adventures. You will maintain your suspense levels and help you continue to solve puzzles and progress at level Where the game has an open world that connects outer space and life on the planet, and there will be secret places that you need to enter and explore.

The download of The Prospeector Odyssey also includes many puzzles that are somewhat easy, but they are more difficult, of course, as they advance at levels, the solution of these puzzles requires a degree of intelligence and the ability to connect the strings together and conclude the truth.

The game also includes a number of other characters that you have to interact and cooperate with to accomplish a specific task or find a missing element, but make sure that the safety and confidence does not provide all the characters that you will meet in the game because some characters constitute dangerous enemies that you may enter with them in fierce fighting, use Your tactics, your ability to plan and manage resources available to you, such as weapons and information to overcome these enemies and their killing.

Play environment description:
Events revolve after downloading the PROSIPECTOR Odyssey game for the computer on a space planet characterized by harsh conditions and dangerous organisms, those creatures will play the role of the same enemy during play, and it is worth noting that the play environment is one of the two -dimensional designs that are dominated by the character of mystery and darkness, there are not many One of the elements that you can interact with in the surrounding play environment is that your goal is to explore the external planets to reach treasures you can return again to the planet and use them.

While exploring the various playing environments on the surface of the space planets in the game you will find some diversity, as the places that you can explore vary among the forests that are the most common environment in the game, these forests are full of trees and dense and interlocking plants, which makes it a difficult place to move smoothly, as These forests are a place where different enemies such as fierce animals, monsters and transformers and mutants are concentrated.

The playing environments in The Prospeector Odyssey also include narrow dark caves that add a huge amount of risk and challenge to the levels because you will not be able to see the details of these caves easily, but rather you will be surrounded by enemies and risks from all directions and is unable to distinguish the source of risks specifically.

Additional details about the download of The Prospeector Odyssey:-

Tools and elements:
There are many tools and items that allow you to game. Darkness you can carry the lamp in your hand or tie it in the belt to provide continuous lighting.

The maps are also one of the important tools in the game as you can use them to determine the safe paths and sites on the surface of the planet that you discover, and these maps also show some of the paths that have already been explored and you can pass from them to reach the desired goal.

Moving during that harsh environment in the game requires a scale to determine safe distances that you need to move in and sites that include treasures, so you will need the scale that you can use to determine the distances and sites accurate About her if you need to repair the equipment required to move in space.

After downloading The Prospeector Odyssey game, you can use these tools to use the resources that you found on the surface of the planet and manufacture more equipment that may be of value and useful for your career during levels.

Since the game includes a degree of fighting due to the presence of enemies and monsters, there is no doubt that you will need weapons to defend yourself and defeat these enemies. Therefore, the game gives you a variety of firearms and white weapons such as pistols, guns, bombs, knives, sharp tools and all of these weapons provide a quick and strong effectiveness in disposal One of the dangers of enemies who threaten your progress towards the target.

The most important features of downloading The Prospeector Odyssey for the computer:-

  • The game includes the ability to buy tools and weapons from stores scattered in the play environment.
  • The game combines exploration factors, puzzle solution, analysis and innovation.
  • Distinctive graphics designs that combine real and imaginary elements.
  • Various challenges between darkness, enemies, obstacles and the need to survive.
  • The game follows the events of an exciting story about a space explorer that seeks to find treasures in arid space planets.

Pictures from inside the game

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