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Download the Survival Nation game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the Survival Nation game for the computer from Media Fire
Download the Survival Nation game for the computer from Media Fire

Download the Survival Nation game for the computer, it is a video game of construction and strategy but it adopts a new and innovative playing style and style, as the game takes place in the post -disaster world, where the player takes over the role of a human settler leader who has to build the world again and create sites that make human live Easy and safe, Survival Nation is developed by Pixonic studio and supports operation on Android and iOS systems.

Information about downloading the Survival Nation game for the computer:-

Graphics and effects:

Survival Nation has beautiful and vibrant drawings in which the smallest details are shown as environments, settlements and personalities are designed with 3D graphics technology, which creates a world full of details and realism, you will notice in the playing environment different phenomena such as mountains, forests, rivers, lakes and other beautiful natural scenes that enhance the simulation of the real world in the game.

In addition, buildings, installations, and architectural structures occupy an important role after downloading the Survival Nation game, as it is considered the goal of playing, so you will be able to build a group of different homes and buildings to achieve integration within your settlement, using a group of large designs for buildings, homes, shops, power stations and service centers And others, knowing that all of these buildings and installations in turn reflect the environmental situation and the remaining technological style in the post -disaster world that the game simulates.

As for the effects, you can expect an exciting and distinctive gameplay experience thanks to the visual effects that were designed in conjunction with the ongoing events while playing in order to enhance the game of play in general. These effects include dynamic lighting and weather changes such as storms, fog and change the timing of night and day and all of these changes contribute to creating a realistic atmosphere full of suspense And excitement within the game.

The same is also the case with the sound effects and soundtracks, which in turn gives an atmosphere full of excitement to the events of the game, these effects help to motivate the player and encourage him to achieve greater achievements and interact with the play environment and the goals to be achieved.

Additional details about downloading Survival Nation:-

Objectives and adventures:

In the Survival Nation game, you must achieve many goals that escalate in their difficulty levels whenever you advance in the game and all the goals you need to achieve revolves around developing your settlement within the game and completing it from all the luxuries that make the human life in it is luxurious and integrated.

At the top of the goals assigned to you after downloading the Survival Nation game is construction and development where you must build the important and necessary buildings and architectural structures that your settlement needs.

You must collect the necessary resources to do so from the playing environment surrounding you and using these resources smart by arranging your priorities in building by building homes first and then service installations, commercial stores and research centers to develop technology and energy systems to supply the settlement with the necessary energy as well as the defense centers for the safe defense in The settlement of enemies, invaders and strangers who have the desire to seize resources and goods in the settlement.

In addition to building and providing resources, you can engage in the task of exploring the playing environment to identify the secrets of the post -disaster world and get to know the sites from which you can provide more resources that you may need for the construction tasks that you plan.

Fortunately, the game has an open world, and you can wander freely, inside the caves, swim in lakes, and wander through deserts and the banned areas, and you will be able to find rare materials while you are making an exploration trip. These resources will help you without a doubt in carrying out your construction tasks.

Resource Management :

Resource management within the download of Survival Nation is an important thing that will help you to win easily as you must collect resources such as food, water, medical materials and fuel and use them intelligently to sustain the settlement and ensure that the needs of those in charge of it are met.

Initially, you must provide food, which is the most important element to survive and you can get food by fishing, agriculture or collecting wild plants, in addition to that you must provide drinking water and you can do this by collecting rain water or traveling to sources Natural groundwater or drilling wells.

The raw materials are also a necessity that you must provide in the game in order to carry out construction, construction and energy saving operations. These raw materials include minerals, wood and stones and all of these materials will be able to find them in the play environment surrounding you, of course it is indispensable to energy to sustain the settlement and you can Get energy by building generators and stations using wind energy and solar energy for you.

The most important features of downloading the Survival Nation game for the computer:-

  • The game depends on a realistic playing style where you must manage resources wisely and intelligence to survive.
  • The developed company works to develop and improve the game permanently and continuously and add new elements.
  • You can find all the resources you need in the open world in the game.
  • The game opens the way for you to implement your construction plans in the way you see suitable to unleash your innovations.
  • The game includes the fighting factor where monsters, thieves and enemies appear and you must address them and fight them.

Pictures from inside the game

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