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Download Torn Away game for compact compact from Media Fire

Download Torn Away game for compact compact from Media Fire
Download Torn Away game for compact compact from Media Fire

Download Torn Away game for the computer, it is an adventure game that relies on the events of an exciting and interesting story where a Russian girl called ASya appears during World War II, that girl was forced to flee her home with her family, where she went to the burning forest that contains many deadly risks Lack of resources, wolves, predators and monsters.

When you enter to play, you will be able to control the main character, which is the ASya character, and your basic mission is to find a safe haven and place in this burning forest in order to live with your family and be able to secure the necessary resources for life such as food, water and medical requirements.

Along the way and while trying to find this safe place to live with your family, you will face many challenges and risks in which you will take great, entertaining adventures full of competition, challenge, fear and persistence.

Information about downloading Torn Away for the computer:-

Torn Away is classified as interactive adventure games, and it is one of the modern video games that follows the gameplay from the perspective of the third or the first person and you can choose this according to your desire.

The game was released by Hawthorn Games and Fun Games LLC in September 2023. The events of the game revolve around the period of World War II, as it returns in time to 1941 in Russia and the style of playing in it varies between going through adventures, challenges, fighting, construction and hiding from terrifying and strategic creatures in collecting and managing resources Wisely due to its scarcity in that environment, in addition to solving puzzles, exploring the surrounding environment, and developing an appropriate plan to achieve the final goal of the game.

Graphics and effects:

One of the distinctive elements in downloading Torn Away is the artistic factor in graphics designs, playing environment and characters that are all designed by using manually domestic fee techniques to enhance the feeling of time period eaten by the game, and the game is characterized by bright and different colors that explain all the details in the play environment Personalities and create an impressive and exciting atmosphere that helps the player integrate with events.

As for the effects, it is also one of the factors that the developed company carefully designed to enhance the player’s ability to integrate with events, as you will undoubtedly be affected when seeing the smoke that reflects the atmosphere of destruction and the outbreak of fire due to the war, as well as clouds that cover the sky due to the rainy atmosphere that brings the feeling of depression and sadness .

Additional details about downloading Torn Away:-

Adventures and tasks:

Torn Away includes many diverse tasks and adventures that you can engage in and get entertainment and enjoy long hours, as the main task you face is the task of finding a city or a safe place for the main character in which you can build a house and provide important resources for life.

The goal after downloading the Torn Away game for the computer is to find the previous village in which the main character originated, knowing that this village was present in the burning forest. The village was already destroyed by the Second World War, but there is some evidence that you can follow to find this village and build a life New there.

During your journey in the burning forest, you will meet other people who need to help you, such as the old grandmother’s personality, who is an old woman who lives alone in the burning forest and that character is one of the good characters in the game, and you will have to help her and provide her with resources such as firewood for heating, cooking food, food and medical.

In addition, you will have the task of fighting, as there are in the game the wicked soldiers trying to thwart the main personality attempts to find its city and you must address these soldiers by fighting using a variety of white weapons that you have manufactured or by fighting movements such as kicking, punching and direct engagement .

Side tasks:

In addition to the main tasks in downloading the Torn Away game, which we have mentioned some examples of it there are side tasks to enhance your skills and performance in achieving goals. It will help you complete the main goals.

For example, you can solve puzzles, find lost elements, track evidence, collect resources, explore the surrounding environment, build homes and places appropriate to hide, find hidden treasures buried underground, help animals that need help such as feeding or treatment in the burned forest and many other side tasks that you can Explore it in Torn Away.

The most important features of downloading Torn Away for the computer:-

  • The game follows the events of a touching story about a little girl who separated from her family during World War II and there are many influential moments that attract players.
  • The game includes many different characters and each of the characters has a new story that you can interact with and get to know them at levels.
  • The tasks and adventures in the game have a great diversity between exploring the surrounding environment, searching for hidden treasures, solving puzzles and helping others.
  • The game contains an open and vast world that includes many locations and places that you can access, discover and interact with it freely.
  • The sound and visual effects in the game are professionally designed to enhance the status of influence with the events in the players.

Pictures from inside the game

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