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Download Total Overdose game for the compact Media Fire

Download Total Overdose game for the compact Media Fire
Download Total Overdose game for the compact Media Fire

Download Total Overdose game from Media Fire with a size of 468 MB compressed, Total Over Doss is a game with increased levels of excitement and action in the strongest street fighting with the most dangerous gangsters and criminals, you have a large group of combat movements and weapons that will enable you to win over them, but planning to catch these people The bad guys remain your primary factor for excellence and leave your own mark in Total Over Doss game.

Gata games are very similar to the quality of tasks that combine fighting, cars and shooting, but in a completely new style and a game of gameplay, the details of the story and the dramatic plot that are gradually disclosed whenever you progress at the levels.

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the way of playing :
The story of the game’s story revolves around Mexico, to which the hero starts revenge those who killed his father during one of the military tasks to catch the largest drug gangs in the world. The game depends on completing the various tasks as is the case in the Gata game.

The player freely in the open world can get off or drive cars and motorcycles to search for tasks, there are many dependent firearms to get rid of competitors and complete the tasks as required.

The most important components of the Total Over Doss game is fighting with firearms and manual weapons. The developer has provided the full Total Overdose game for the computer. To your enemies and aiming accurately towards their heads and their conversion, they will fall off immediately.

The levels of excitement increase to their clusters when the enemies multiply on you from every direction, at this time often in the last levels of the game you will feel as if the matter is a real war and the bullets of flame launchers, missiles and spraying rifles spread everywhere around you, and staying here for the strongest and more skilled in dealing with combat movements The distinctive included in the game.

More about downloading Total Over Doss game for computer:

Martial movements:
In many of the situations you will face in Total Overdose game, your fiery weapons will not help you complete the task or survive yourself in light of the arrival of many criminals equipped with weapons that may be newer and more destructive than those in your possession.

Therefore, it is necessary to do some combat movements that will enable you to kill large numbers of enemies at the same time, for example, you can jump in the air and wrap like the hurricane while you are shooting from your spraying rifles, as well Suddenly without resistance.

Play environment:
The game depends on an open virtual world that wanders around it to search for the auxiliary elements in the fighting that are hidden inside the buildings and cars, often moving from one location to another through the degrading or running, but at some levels you will have to drive a car or motorcycles and start your targets .

In a lot of scenes after downloading the Total Overdose game for the computer, you find the hero wandering around the city’s streets, holding guitar bags inside which hides fiery weapons, which can be corrected and killed by the click of a button whenever I felt dangerous.

The game takes place from the perspective of the third person, that is, you will be able to watch all the events of the story and the movements of the hero as if it is a movie that you can control, although there are some technical problems that you will face when driving the car, for example, but in general it is considered the level of graphics and the game system response to orders and effects High -quality visual and has an important impact on integration and self -assumption.

The most important positives download Total Overdose game for the computer:

  • You can take an individual challenge or face a full gang.
  • You get financial prizes and additional weapons upon completion of tasks.
  • More playing and challenges are available gradually when you progress.
  • You can alliance with gangs to achieve the goal and get more support.
  • You can also fight with more than one weapon simultaneously between firearms and sharp weapons.

Pictures from inside the game

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