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Download Zuma Luxor game for PC from Mediafire

Download Zuma Luxor game for PC from Mediafire
Download Zuma Luxor game for PC from Mediafire

Download the Zuma Luxor game for the computer, all versions, with a size of 76 MB. The Luxor game has a large fan base in all age groups, especially since it is light and does not require an Internet connection. It includes a large number of levels during which the stages of difficulty increase and the tasks required of the player to perform, as well as the goal of profit as the player advances. In levels.

The Zuma Luxor game was released in 2005 as part of the Zuma series of games that follow the same style as Collect Three. The game designs, including graphics, visual and sound effects, are inspired by ancient Pharaonic shapes and landmarks, and this is evident in the letters and drawings of the Pharaonic kings that decorate the virtual environment for play as well as the levels.

Information about downloading the Zuma Luxor game for the computer: –

Speaking of the year of production of Zuma Luxor, which dates back to 2005, we can expect an average level of 2D graphics. The elements appearing on the game screen are also few and do not contain many details, which helps in quick response to the player’s commands and the quick, light movement of the interactive elements in each game. level.

Player tasks:
When you enter the first level after downloading the Zuma Luxor game for the computer, you will find in front of you a group of heavy balls that are rushing at a certain speed towards an archaeological pit. The number of balls is constantly increasing. If these balls approach the archaeological pit, they will all be swallowed at a tremendous speed that is difficult for the player to control and therefore He loses the level.

The main task for the player here is to blow up all the balls before they slide into that archaeological hole, by hitting them with a ball that is similar in color. However, there is a condition here, which is that the color of 3 consecutive balls must be similar to the ball that is being shot with, in order for the shot to be made. Calculate winning points and move to the next level.

More about downloading the Luxor Luxor game for the computer:-

The Luxor Zuma game may seem somewhat intuitive, so that you do not need a lot of focus and planning to win the levels, as it does not involve a high amount of excitement and action as is the case in the fighting games, except that after downloading the Luxor game, you will challenge in you the speed of intuition and make decisions Work in time.

In order to be able to win the levels, especially the advanced, you need to be fast in making decisions and accuracy in the correction, the more you can complete the level you will have increasing difficult In the orbit of the balls.

Help means:
In contrast to the many challenges that you will face at the levels after downloading the Luxor Zuma game for the computer, especially the advanced, you will find more auxiliary means that will be available gradually whenever you advance.

These auxiliary means such as slowing the drifting of the course of the balls towards the nozzle and others are slowly added, you can benefit from it after downloading the Luxor Zuma game to complete the most difficult levels at the time specified with the largest possible amount of progress points.

The means of help are in various forms, perhaps the most prominent of which are explosive balls, as the game shows you an explosive ball of a specific color if you detonate 4 balls with the same color by hitting it, and that bombing ball can save you from 5 or 6 balls by hitting one without Hajj Han, their colors are similar .

The feature of detonating all balls of a specific color is also one of the means of assistance that the Luxor Zuma game provides to you when distinguishing in planning to detonate the largest possible number of balls with only one injury, when using this auxiliary method, you will get rid of all the balls in the color you prefer (may be The larger appearance in the level) with only one blow.

The most important features of downloading the Luxor Zuma for the computer:-

  • The ability to save levels of progress for more than one different player.
  • Bilateral matches can be played in the team playing style.
  • It includes a large number of different levels in drawing graphics and challenges.
  • Voice and visual effects mimic the ancient Pharaonic desert environment.
  • In the game, there are 7 patterns to play with different challenges and tasks.

Pictures from inside the game

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