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Download a chess game for the computer and Android from Media Fire for free

Download a chess game for the computer and Android from Media Fire for free
Download a chess game for the computer and Android from Media Fire for free

Download a computer chess game with a direct link from Media Fire, we review with you the best three versions of the chess game for a small size, in this article we reveal to you all the small and large details about the game, with a brief summary on how to learn chess for beginners.

Enjoy direct confrontations on the Internet against other players around the world via online chess game with friends, an extreme lightness of the game on the personal computer, operating requirements within the limits of the specifications of very weak devices, you can continue to advance and play even in a non -connection to the Internet similar Games without Net.

A long history and a wide fame that has a chess game to the computer in the midst of intelligence games, its upbringing returns to hundreds of thousands of years, unlimited fun and excitement awaiting you while playing chess matches with the computer or against real players, the rules of the game and its official laws are recognized in all countries without any differences Remember, as it is unique in one gameplay.

The match may take very long hours of continuous play so that one of the two parties can resolve the result in his favor, there are recognized laws that control chess cut movements on the table, a lot of facilities and positives carried by you online 3D chess game, discover more information in the following paragraphs.

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Information about downloading a computer chess game:

3D graphics:
Revolutionary Chess Free from other old chess games, which provides you with the quality of high graphics, a very advanced degree of realism and simulation in the graphics level, a complete match between the forms of chess pieces between the game and the truth, as at the level of table designs.

Despite those privileges and positives, you have a very smooth gameplay without any defects such as delay in responding to orders or cutting and the like, all Microsoft Windows operating systems are able to play the game in full efficiency, the size of the installation file on Windows 10 is less than 8MB.

High Voices of purity:
3D chess is based on an unprecedented sound effects, listen to audio effects after downloading a chess game for the computer as if you heard it on the ground, and the game also includes special and innovative effects, unlike the sound effect resulting from moving the pieces from one square to another there is more Examples.

An example of the foregoing is the sound of a piece of the table on the table, in addition to the effect accompanying the defeat and another when winning, this is a few of the various effects that provide you with continuous excitement throughout the match period, which reduces the percentage of boredom.

the tables :
Online chess in your hands puts a real table or does not differ from the truth in anything, the tables include the same number of squares of each color of white and black, you can after downloading a computer chess game to change these colors by switching them in other colors by moving to the settings menu , Choose your favorite colors of more than 3 different options, enjoy a renewed appearance when switching between colors during close periods of time.

Chess cut designs:
On the other hand, you provide you with the game of Shering all the pieces in its real or official forms recognized on the ground, which makes it easier for you Amid a variety of ways, you can set the way the pieces appear after downloading a computer chess game with a 3D DNN to speak, or classicly modest.

Save progress:
Due to the possibility of taking long hours while playing one chess match, the game offers you the ability to save the current match and allow the continuation of playing at any time even after the game is restarted, the previous match remains available to complete whenever you want.

Thus, you can get out of the game whenever you want without the need to stay in front of the computer screen for a long time or until you finish the entire match. It is worth noting that you can save several games together at the same time and restore any of them by pressing a button.

More about downloading chess game for free:

How to control:
The process of giving orders is done through the mouse only, when your role in playing after downloading a chess game to the computer without the net must click the mouse on your chess piece that you want to move, once you do this, all the moves available for this piece appear to you, whether the moves are back or forward Or in the horizontal line, which helps beginners to learn chess and learn about the rules of cutting movements on the table in record time.

Playing against artificial intelligence:
As usual in chess games without the net, you can take challenges with a robot or computer in a non -communication mode, assume the determination of the main preferences previously talking about, such as table design, etc.

Chess Free includes several levels of different difficulty, you have absolute freedom to choose what you see suitable for you, these degrees are suitable for beginners and amateurs as well as those with medium experiences and even professionals with supernatural intelligence if you will, the speed of moving the pieces on the side of the robot intelligence is almost fixed, where The computer performs its game very quickly, on the other hand you get all your time thinking without time restrictions imposed on you.

Playing with another player:
The matches against the computer may not be enjoyable for large numbers of players, especially professionals, for this we offer you to download online chess game on the net, which put you in direct challenges simultaneously with real time against real players around the world, here you must implement your game quickly or during The agreed time period, which requires you to think about thinking before the time ends and the role is transferred to the opponent.

On the other hand, the 3D chess game provides you with an alternative game style with another player on the same computer, you can take a challenge with another person sitting next to you on the computer, each player performs his game and the role is transferred automatically to the other player, the match remains on this style from the first sight until The end, try to upgrade your personal level in playing by gaining new skills through periodic play and watching professional tricks and plans through the educational videos spread on the web.

Pros for downloading a computer chess game:

  • High -resolution graphics and very realistic sound effects.
  • Multiple playing patterns without Net and online online.
  • Dependence on formal laws and rules of play.
  • Real designs for tables and chess cutting.
  • The option to save the match and complete it later.

Pictures from inside a chess game

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